Add some colour to your retro life

We've got a saying here at Nintendo Life Towers: Old consoles don't die, they just go into storage. It's heartening to discover that French firm Lëkki feels the same way; the company is focused on taking existing retro hardware and making it new again with a fresh lick of paint - and we mean that literally.

Lëkki takes vintage hardware and refurbishes it, as well as spraying the casing to create new and unique designs. The firm boasts a "commitment to sustainable development and recycling, through putting iconic objects from the past into service," and offers the same service for old-school mobile phones, too. They even sell funky Game Boy systems.

While there's no official listing on the Lëkki site at present, Stuff reports that the SNES will be available in four different colours and will retail for around £120 (approx $190), with additional controllers costing £14 ($22) each.

Do you fancy one of these arty SNES consoles, or do you prefer the badly-yellowed look of your existing machine? Drop a comment to let us know.

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