A rather worrying computer virus has hit Japan which allows hackers to take control of another person's machine and use it for whatever means they wish.

This virus has already claimed its first high-profile victim in the shape of animator Masaki Kitamura, who was arrested (and subsequently released) in July after threats - which came from his PC but were made by a third-party - to kill people in Akihabara, Japan's gaming and 'Otaku' capital.

This second attack relates directly to Nintendo, however. "This week, I'm going to blow up Nintendo headquarters," was the eerie message which anonymously appeared online last month. Japanese police were quick to act on this threat - which also included a bomb attack at the Ise Grand Shrine - and took a 27 year-old man into custody. He was released a week later, when it became apparently that he was a victim of the same virus which affected Kitamura.

[source kotaku.com, via www3.nhk.or.jp]