Back in black

Nintendo has just confirmed release dates and price points for its forthcoming Wii U console.

In North America and Europe, we'll be getting a white "Basic" pack (with 8GB storage) and a black "Deluxe" pack (with 32GB storage and the same extras that are set to be included with the Japanese "Premium" bundle).

In North America, the Wii U will hit store shelves on 18th November, 2012. The Basic set is $299.99 and the Deluxe retails for $349.99.

In Europe, the release date is 30th November, but no price has been confirmed - instead, Nintendo is allowing retailers to decide, which is what happened with the launch of the 3DS. Trade website MCV has asked retailers for comments:

"MCV understands the trade price for the Basic Pack is £205, the Premium Pack has a trade cost of £246 and the ZombiU version (which includes the Premium Pack and a copy of Ubisoft's horror shooter ZombiU) has a cost price of £270. One of the sources said he expects the retail prices to stick at around £250 for the Basic unit, £290 - £300 for the Premium unit and £330 for the ZombiU set.

We'll see how the competition amongst retailers develops in the coming hours and days.

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