With a franchise like Mario, it's safe to say that there are plenty of arts and crafts projects out there that have been created as a dedication to the moustachioed one. Pins, animations with nothing but post-it notes, and any wacky idea you can imagine have probably been done already.

One that involved a fair bit of effort and skill to produce was the Super Mario Mobius Strip from user joabaldwin on shapeways.com, which recreates level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. in painstaking detail. If you don't know, Mobius strips are paper crafts that loop to show a continuous surface, so in this case Mario continues around the level non-stop with no flagpole ending to look forward to. This wouldn't be much fun for Mario, of course, so is rather like the infamous minus world from the game.

We don't pretend to understand this particular art piece enough to attempt it ourselves, but they're on sale for $24, and there's a video below to explain how it was produced. If you can do one of these yourself then you should probably boast about it in the comments below.

[source shapeways.com, via destructoid.com]