Shameless clone, I don't choose you!

iOS gamers will be used to the endless production line of clones on the App Store by now; for every Angry Birds and New Star Soccer, there are countless derivative works which simply rip off the efforts of others for easy gain. It's one of the main reasons why mobile gaming leaves a sour taste in the mouths of many 'traditional' players.

Few hack-jobs are quite as blatant as Little Masters, though.

Here's the official description from the game's App Store page:

Become a master of monsters who captures and trains monsters to battle the others.

Hatch different monsters with different skills and abilities. Make a battle team with your own style.

Sound familiar? Take a look at the gameplay video below and see if it reminds you of an insanely popular Nintendo franchise which has sold millions worldwide.

And it's not the only one, either.

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