Keep those fingers crossed

We're all painfully aware that Project X Zone is looking pretty sweet right now. It's always been an outside bet for release outside of Japan though; the fact that its prequel Namco × Capcom never got released in the West doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

However, the chances of the game making it to these shores have risen a little, thanks to the efforts of Tekken supremo Katsuhiro Harada. He tweeted:

I proposed localization of Project X Zone.

After the predictable flood of positive tweets from his followers, he cautiously added:

Not decided yet, but It will be realized if I continue proposing.

Given Harada-San's stature within Namco Bandai, it's definitely a positive thing that he's pushing for a worldwide release. Nothing is certain yet, but this is a good start.

Project X Zone is due for release in Japan on 11th October.