It can be a pastime of some gamers to chortle at spelling errors or sloppy typos in video games, with many recently enjoying a typo by Capcom in its now infamous Resident Evil Revelaitons packaging for, of course, Revelations.

While that version of the packaging became, bizarrely, a collector's item of sorts, it seems Nintendo feels the pain of those of us that missed out, and is making sure that all 3DS owners have some poor grammar to point at. This error isn't in some niche release that hardly anyone will buy, but in New Super Mario Bros. 2. The dodgy sentence in question appears when Coin Rush is first unlocked, and in case you think the screengrab above is an elaborate forgery by someone with way too much time on their hands, you can check out the video from GameXplain, below.

We didn't actually spot this when playing it ourselves, possible because we were giddily tapping the 'OK' button to actually play the game. So, does seeing this prompt feelings of schadenfreude — pleasure derived from the misfortune of others — or do you not give one hoot?

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