Ahead of its October release, Nintendo has release more details about Pokémon Black and White 2, and also confirmed the release date of the accompanying 3DS eShop app, Pokédex 3D Pro. The new paid Pokédex arrives in North America on 8th November, promising detailed information on more than 640 Pokémon, as well as the Pokémon Challenge mode that has a number of quizzes to complete. It's confirmed that the free app, Pokédex 3D, will no longer be available for download from the eShop in NA after 1st October, so don't hang around too long.

In terms of Pokémon Black and White 2, there's news about the Join Avenue that allows players who've tagged each other to trade items, as well as Memory Link that will fill in storyline gaps in the two years between the two DS titles, depending on the player's progress through Pokémon Black and White. Excerpts from the press release below have more detail.

Join Avenue: In Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2, players will also have the ability to explore a new area called Join Avenue. Join Avenue is populated by anyone with whom a player has interacted through wireless tag mode, trading or battling. These players will open shops in Join Avenue that sell rare items not found elsewhere in the game. There are several different types of shops that can be opened on Join Avenue, including ones that offer supplies or the ability to power up Pokémon. The rarity of items that can be purchased from these shops is determined by how populated a player's Join Avenue is.

Memory Link: By connecting Pokémon Black Version 2 or Pokémon White Version 2 with a previously played Pokémon Black Version or Pokémon White Version game, players will be able to see what happened to some of the characters from Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version during the past two years. They'll also be able to capture special Pokémon.The scenes players encounter in Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 will depend on how far they have progressed through Pokémon Black Version or Pokémon White Version. To use Memory Link, players must have either two systems from the Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS family, or broadband Internet access and a Pokémon Black Version game or Pokémon White Version game that has been synced to the Pokémon Global Link website.

With Pokémon Dream Radar arriving the same day as Black & White 2, there'll be plenty of 'mon goodness in just a couple of months time. To build the hype a bit more, below is the latest trailer.