Two games, one big sales figure

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that we haven't reported on the Japanese software and hardware charts every week recently, mainly because very little has changed. Despite that, we thought that we'd share the latest results, as at the very least the software chart includes some interesting games that we're pretty sure will only be experienced, outside of Japan, by the most dedicated importers.

In terms of software, Pokémon Black and White 2 is still very much at the top of the tree, with lifetime sales comfortably beyond two million. The cross-platform title from Professor Layton developers Level-5, Time Travelers, appears twice in the top 10 on both 3DS and PS Vita, while Mario Party 9 on Wii sneaks onto the list. Overall, eight of the top ten games are on Nintendo systems.

[NDS] 01. Pokemon Black & White 2 (Pokemon, 06.23.2012): 113,901 (2,331,128)
[3DS] 02. Taiko Drum Master Chibi Dragon and the Mysterious Orb (Bamco Nandai, 07.12.2012): 63,388 (NEW)
[3DS] 03. Pocket Soccer League Calciobit (Nintendo, 07.12.2012): 26,015 (NEW)
[3DS] 04. Little Battler eXperience Baku Boost (Level-5, 07.05.2012): 19,468 (75,082)
[3DS] 05. Dragon Quest Monsters Terry's Wonderland 3D: (Square Enix, 05.31.2012) 15,717 (828,359)
[PSP] 06. Toriko Gourmet Survival 2 (Namco Bandai, 07.05.2012): 15,672 (59,462)
[3DS] 07. Etrian Odyssey IV (Atlus, 07.05.2012): 14,221 (111,363)
[PSV] 08. Time Travelers (Level-5, 07.12.2012): 9,887 (NEW)
[3DS] 09. Time Travelers (Level-5, 07.12.2012): 9,761 (NEW)
[WII] 10. Mario Party 9 (Nintendo, 04.26.2012): 8,740 (477,170)

The hardware chart once again has 3DS on top, with a dip in sales that may see a bump once the new XL model arrives on 28th July: Nintendo's handheld outsold all other systems combined by a small margin (last week's sales are in parenthesis).

Nintendo 3DS: 46,633 (51,930)
PlayStation 3: 15,218 (14,297)
PlayStation Vita: 11,388 (11,544)
PlayStation Portable: 11,170 (10,627)
Wii: 6,660 (6,654)
Xbox 360: 686 (711)
Nintendo DSi: 430 (455)
PlayStation 2: 451 (474)