Cute puzzling on the go

Once again we have news of this week's download delights in Europe, with something on offer for every system you own. Let's get started.

3DS Download Software

Jonny Kung Fu (UFO Interactive, £5.40/€6) — On paper this sounds full of promise, being an old-school side-scrolling action game with stylistic references to LCD and Game & Watch titles. As we explain in our Jonny Kung Fu review, however, a great concept doesn't always make a great game, so this is one for those who simply can't resist the style and aren't too worried about substance.

3DS Virtual Console

Toki Tori (Two Tribes, £3.60/€4) — Before he was waddling and puzzling around on WiiWare, Toki Tori was heroically taking on obstacles and enemies on Game Boy Color. Our upcoming review will help you to decide whether it's worth taking the intrepid little chicken on the road with you.

3DS Add-On Content

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy — £0.90/€1 each:

  • Movement in Green (FF10 - FMS)
  • Sunken Shrine (FF01 - FMS)
  • Battle Theme (FF10 - BMS)
  • Fight On! (FF07 - BMS)


3,2,1... Words Up! (EnjoyUp Games, 200 pts) — If you need to work on your linguistic skills, which is basically knowing lots and lots of words, then this title will let you do so against a ticking clock and in two game modes. It may not sound like much but, as our 3,2,1... Words Up! review explains, simple can still be fun.

Ace Mathician (CIRCLE Entertainment, 200 pts) — In the second part of this week's DSiWare edutainment theme, your job is to help Ace the Koala to retrieve fruit with the power of mathematics. It's a bit like Scribblenauts for maths, and we gave it a coveted 8/10 in our Ace Mathician review, so don't dismiss it off-hand.

Wii Virtual Console

The Last Blade (SNK Playmore, 900 pts) — Europe has the chance to catch up with another Neo Geo fighter, with this one taking part in the "Bakumatsu” period of Japanese history; that means sword slashing action. Despite there being such a wealth of fighting games from the system on the Wii Virtual Console, check out our The Last Blade review to understand why this is one of the very best.

Nintendo Video

The Incredible Barbazan: The Knife Thrower (£1.40/€1.50) — See the worst magician ever performing tricks and stunts that always fail! This time get ready to see the Knife Thrower.

A varied week of download goodies this week. So, what will you be downloading this week? Let us know in the comments and vote in the poll, below.

What will you be downloading first this week? (24 votes)

  1. Jonny Kung Fu (eShop)  0%
  2. Toki Tori (3DS VC - Game Boy Color)21%
  3. 3,2,1... Words Up! (DSiWare)13%
  4. Ace Mathician (DSiWare)  0%
  5. The Last Blade (Wii VC)8%
  6. Nothing this week58%

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