So, so wrong

After this story attracted a lot of attention today, HMV has issued a clarification and apology to, confirming that this false information was only shown in one store.

It's apparent this was just one particular store being a little over-enthusiastic — and the poster has been removed. If it's caused anyone any issues then we're sorry, but I'd say it doesn't take much to work out this doesn't represent the company's retail offer for this release.

A somewhat cheeky apology if ever we've seen one — though it's arguably a fair point — and HMV has apparently brushed off some consumer complaints about false advertising as 'over the top'.

Original Article

One of Nintendo's big tasks in the coming weeks and months is to convince gamers, and those yet to sample the delights of 3DS, that they really want the XL model. We all know about the various benefits, but those that unrealistically expected Nintendo to change the design and add a second Circle Pad will be disappointed: unless they happen to go to the right retailer, that is.

The image in this article was snapped from a single HMV store, apparently in Cardiff, and shows an advertisement for pre-orders that is so factually incorrect that it was probably put together by someone who doesn't even know about these things called video games. Apparently the stylus is still telescopic but bigger, the two available colours are Vulcano Red and Ivory White, and the improved battery will play for up to 10 hours in 3D — it's improved, but not by that much. Oh, and it apparently has a second Circle Pad that's 'ideal for left-handed players'.

It seems that this is a one-off store issue, rather than nationwide, and clearly someone read the first inaccurate report they could find and took the first image that flashed on their screen. This is actually a mock-up of an original model from a while ago, with the coloured Circle Pads actually giving away the fact that this is an image from before the system even hit stores in March 2011.

We trust that the store will have fixed this by now, but unknowing pre-order customers may be surprised if they arrive on 28th July expecting a shiny new Vulcano Red system.

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