Nintendo global president Satoru Iwata has revealed that stereoscopic 3D will play a role in future systems — but it won't be one of the "key features".

Speaking to The Independent, Iwata insisted that Nintendo remains enthusiastic about 3D, but also acknowledged that some people tire of the effect's novelty quickly. As such, stereoscopic displays won't be the core focus for future Nintendo consoles; 3D might still be included, but as a "minor element" rather than a headline feature.

[...] We’ve created the 3DS and 3DS XL and also have some games out there that are really using that 3D effect that we can see, from my point of view, that it’s an important element. But, as human beings are, this kind of surprise effect wears off quickly, and just [having] this 3D stereoscopic effect isn’t going to keep people excited.

But I think it’s an important element, it makes graphics more impactful, it proves a sense of immersion that 2D doesn’t have, so I would say generally that 3D is better than 2D. It’s nice to have good graphics but not necessarily on their own, so I don’t think we’ll present [3D graphics] as one of the key features of our consoles but will probably stick with 3D as one of the minor elements of our consoles in the future.

Iwata also enjoyed one of his patented laughs at the expense of Nintendo's previous stab at 3D, the ill-fated Virtual Boy.

In terms of videogames, 3D has been a topic for a long time. I don’t know if you remember the Virtual Boy? (laughs)

Do you still use the 3D effect on your 3DS?