Is Wii U for You?
Image: Nintendo of America / Vince Bucci

Nintendo E3 conferences are a funny business, with just 70 minutes to try and please as many people as possible: not an easy task. This year Nintendo went big with Wii U and showed off a variety of first and third party titles, covering a lot of bases. Of course, it's easy to focus on what wasn't revealed, but ultimately we do have big franchises in the form of New Super Mario Bros. U and Pikmin 3, to name just two.

You can read our thoughts in our short and personal reviews of Nintendo's E3 conference, but we've chosen some of your comments to show the varying opinions on what Nintendo showed us.

The main man
Image: Nintendo of America / Vince Bucci

@Guhin13 said:
The way the presentation was put together was all wrong. Nintendo Land and all the other casual things should've come first, with things like Pikmin 3 and NSMBU at the end to leave off on a good note.

That said, the conference was decent, and I still feel some excitement for Wii U, just not enough to save up for one on launch day. I was really hoping to see some sort of big reveal also, and that's a little disappointing.

My only other pet peeve about this whole conference was NSMBU. I think it would've been better had it been named New Super Mario World. I'm just tired of the "Game Title Wii" and what's sure to follow, "Game Title U" gimmicks. Even ZombiU's title bothers me. I mean, you really couldn't come up with something better than that? Ugh.

@EvisceratorX said:
Yeah, I'm hoping the 3DS conference tomorrow is going to be awesome. I was really disappointed that 3DS only got a few minutes of showtime.

@TruenoGT said:
As big as EA's Wii U relationship was shown to be at last year's show, it’s surprising they are almost completely absent from the Wii U presence this year. I don't generally care for what EA publishes, but it's a bit worrying to not see more HD ports of games such as Battlefield, Madden, etc. I would have thought this was a golden opportunity for Nintendo to say, "hey we've got everything Microsoft and Sony have, PLUS our games". To me it seems like they have a warmed over selection of PS3/360 games plus a warmed over selection of Wii games...

@TruthBeTold said:
I think the best way to describe it was solid, but lacking the surprise factor that make these presentations memorable. Not every conference Nintendo has will be the best. They also said that they learned from the 3DS launch failure, so I'm sure we will hear more about new games very soon. It seemed today was about showing off a few awesome looking games, but mostly showing everyone that Nintendo can still be Nintendo while catching up in the HD and network areas of gaming.

Also, the weakest part must have been the ending. Easy way to tell? People's impressions are getting better as the day goes on, the final impression just kind of hurt their initial view of the presentation as a whole.

@ApparatusMini said:
It was poorly paced, reiterated too much information from the Sunday presentation, left too many questions unanswered, lacked any brand new original core game announcements from either third party or first party, had several games bumped off for casual stuff, and completely failed to make me want a Wii U.

I expected better, sorry.


@mumof2kids82 said:
I wish you all would stop complaining and just relax. They have a lot of information to tell us and only an hour to tell it in so of course it's going to look rushed. E3 isn't over yet. Yeah it could have been better but I, for one, am excited about the Wii U and the third party titles that are coming out for the system, like Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Mass Effect 3 and LEGO City game.

@TimboBaggins said:
The biggest response came to ZombiU. People were excited about the possibility of a exclusive mature core game at launch. Nintendo needs more exclusives like this, it looks great. The Rayman Legends demonstration should have been done at Nintendo's conference too.

@Gamesake said:
Cheer up you guys. The Wii U's E3 showing could have been better, but at least it wasn't PS Vita bad.

@aaronsullivan said:
I think the more important question is how much does it matter? Nintendo is carefully doling out information here. The Nintendo direct thing on Sunday was very calculated. There are key things Nintendo needs to educate the public about and it's taking it a day at a time so things aren't overlooked. This is a company reacting to the confusion over whether Wii U was a controller or a console last year.

Also, I know people are upset about the conference not catering to gamers, but the conference is a hot point for general media attention. Gaming reporters in that audience are getting to play this stuff hands-on and their opinions will be formed from that more than the quality of the presentation. In fact, Nintendo knows it can reach us gamers through simple press releases and online videos. We don't miss that stuff.

Also, Nintendo Land is the gamers version of Wii Sports. It's all themed with our favorite characters and utilizes a lot of competitive play that doesn't rely on sports familiarity. on top of that it's a way to introduce more casual gamers to the characters and games we like. Plus the asymmetric play is going to make gaming sessions addictive as you'll want to get your turn at the GamePad.

@Assassin87 said:
I kinda thought it was rushed, so they didn't have enough time to explain and show the things people were expecting. It felt like to me, they wanted to make it clear that they made this console that can appeal to casual and the hardcore gamer. then you can also dance, sing, and exercise on this new console. They're trying to do at least one or two games showing each genre and there's something for everybody. It wasn't bad or great It was just there. No other company did better or worse then they did.

Now that the dust has settled, have your opinions changed in any way? Let us know in the comments below.