Ubisoft has now finished its E3 conference extravaganza, and unlike EA dedicated a section to Wii U, underlining support for Nintendo's next gen console. In total the publisher unveiled eight titles, not all necessarily for launch day, but in any case representing a broad variety of styles and experiences.

So, what stood out? In terms of Wii U exclusives, we learned that Rayman Legends will only be on Nintendo's system, which represents a scoop for the big N. There was a substantial demo of the GamePad in action, with a character called Murphy able to influence the environment with extensive use of the touch screen, with a significant emphasis on multiplayer co-op play. The gyroscope capabilities of the GamePad were also vital, once again influencing the environment to allow others to progress. Up to five players will be supported – one GamePad and four Wii Remotes – which promises some fun platforming chaos. Visually, it certainly looked a treat, and the demo stages looked like a continuation of the excellent level design from the original title.

Another system exclusive was ZombiU, which has actually evolved from Killer Freaks from Outer Space. The trailer was all CG animation, but we've heard that there'll be game footage shown off at Nintendo's press conference on Tuesday. This title was referenced strongly in the pre-E3 Wii U Nintendo Direct, though little did we know that the slapstick trailer with the man and his 'non-specific action figure' was probably a very limited look at Ubisoft's release. It's clear that this title could get a big third-party focus when Wii U launches, and may be one of a number of 'mature' titles to target older and more experienced gamers.

There was more, with Assassin's Creed III featuring prominently, though the game demo was played with a PS3. Wii U GamePad specifics were left out, so that may be reserved for Nintendo's conference, of if we're being pessimistic it's possible that the capabilities of the controller won't be utilised in significant ways, time will tell. As for the rest, fans of comic book heroes will be pleased to see Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth, a title that is likely to prominently feature motion controls. There's also the standard Ubisoft launch fare that is likely to target less experienced, or the so-called 'casual' audience. Rabbids return in Rabbid's Land, Just Dance 4 will bring more party fun, Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 is as expected, with Sports Connection will be full of mini-games.

Ultimately, there's the usual group of fun, party style titles accompanied, on this occasion, by some solid and exciting core gaming experiences. We have a co-op platformer that's a follow-up to one of 2011's gems, a new IP that'll involve lots of zombies and a first Nintendo home console appearance for the Assassin's Creed series. What more could you ask for?