That's a pretty box

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies was an impressive RPG achievement on DS which was heavily marketed by Nintendo and Square Enix worldwide, with a concerted effort to make the franchise recognisable to a new generation of gamers. The sequel, Dragon Quest X, isn't far away from release in Japan and has a console bundle for the occasion: there's no such luck for the rest of us.

The hardware bundle, pictured, comes with a black Wii, a Classic Controller Pro, a Wii USB stick and a ¥1,000 Nintendo Point Prepaid card. The USB stick is necessary for the game, due to the DLC and updates on the way, while this is a title with subscription-based online play. Monster Hunter Tri also had a paid subscription online service in Japan, though it was free when published in the West.

All has been silent on a release of Dragon Quest X outside of the Land of the Rising Sun, and with a Wii U version promised but hidden from view, it looks like it'll be a patience game for the rest of us.