Bowser will be making a return to cinema screens for the first time since that live action movie in Wreck-It Ralph, Disney's new computer generated film that's out later this year.

Poor old Ralph has been stuck doing the same old job for 30 years: smashing up buildings in an Rampage-style arcade game. Bored of being the bad guy that nobody likes, the burly chap attends a group therapy session that involves all your favourite video game baddies: King Koopa himself, Street Fighter duo M. Bison and Zangief, Dr Robotnik, Clyde the Pac-Man ghost and that metal faced Kano bloke from Mortal Kombat.

Failing to find answers, Ralph breaks free of his cabinet and embarks on a mission to become a gaming hero, delivering some barbs towards the games industry along the way. You have to empathise with the man when he calls out: "when did video games become so violent and scary?!"

You can catch Ralph's adventures in cinemas from November 2nd. For now, enjoy spotting all the references in this trailer.