The augmented reality games bundled with the 3DS are all well and good, but many of you want more. Nintendo's applied for a patent on a new colour-based AR concept that would make a very welcome addition to the system's AR suite.

The document refers to using colour to influence the game world, giving several intriguing examples. For instance: your character stands on a red cube, with a huge gap before the next gap. Grab a red background — paper, clothing etc. — and line it up between the cube to create a bridge for the happy chap to wander over.

Another example features a fiery pit. No problem — point your 3DS cameras over a blue surface and it'll create rain to extinguish the flames.

These would all be perfect ideas for an eShop game, but with several retail games featuring AR modes we could even see this wind up in a box one day. Or it might never see the light of day at all: it is just a patent application, after all.