The prince is back!

It's a bit of a slow month this time for Japan, as only two new games will be released. Neither are big surprises: Europe already got one a while ago and the other has already been announced for European release. Both of them are pretty nice games though, so although the offerings are slim compared to normal, at least they're of good quality.

The games Japan will get this month are:

Super Famicom

  • Prince of Persia — Arguably the best version of the original American platformer, strangely created by the company behind the Cho Aniki series. We liked it quite a bit, as our Prince of Persia review will tell you.

Neo Geo

  • Metal Slug 3 — Skipping Metal Slug X, this one doesn't really introduce anything special, but is still often cited as one of the best games in the series.

As we reported a few days back, the next 3DS Virtual Console game Japan will be getting is the Game Boy Color version of Wario Land II, which will hopefully also make its appearance elsewhere soon.