Nintendo probably had a bit of a party yesterday, as its 3DS celebrated being one-year old in Japan. Released on 26th February 2011 to much hype, the handheld has since had an eventful first year, though has been burning up the charts in its homeland in recent months.

It's being reported, meanwhile, that 3DS owners in The Land of the Rising Sun have received a special Satoru Iwata Mii in their StreetPass plaza. The Nintendo boss apparently has all of the puzzle pieces, is level 5 and is wearing some snazzy golden pants to mark the occasion. Whether the rest of the world will receive some SpotPass goodness in late March to celebrate the same landmark, time will tell.

We'll have a lot of content to celebrate one year of 3DS gaming at the end of March. Until then, what have you thought of the 3DS so far, and how would you rate its first year?