The end of the Wii brand?

According to rumours that have surfaced online, Nintendo is considering the possibility of rebranding its next home console, potentially leaving Wii U behind. As reported by CVG, staff at the top level in both Japan and North America are apparently discussing a name change, though whether this would affect the console's design is unclear.

There are a number of factors that suggest this could be a possibility. In terms of the console itself, Satoru Iwata admitted himself that there were misunderstandings in the immediate aftermath of the reveal at E3 2011, particularly in relation to the controller and whether it was a new console or an upgraded Wii. There was also some confusion with the branding of 3DS when it launched, with some consumers wondering whether it was another minor DS revision rather than an all-new console: a point clarified in more recent advertisements for the handheld.

With the announcement that Nintendo expects to make a loss in the current financial year, it's clear that its next home console is important to the company. Nintendo has changed console names before, of course, with the Wii originally being called 'Revolution' at E3 2005.

At this stage these are only rumours, but what names would you like to be considered for the next Nintendo console?