The Wii has come with a plastic stand for years, but Duracell's effort does more than just support your Wii upright.

As the name suggests, the Duracell Wii Charging Stand lets you recharge your Wii Remotes while keeping your Wii in place. It comes bundled with two rechargeable battery packs for your Wii Remote, but the stand also has a small compartment for charging AA batteries, sadly not included.

The stand takes its power from the Wii's mains adaptor, leaving those USB ports free and vastly increasing the speed with which it can recharge batteries: your mileage may vary, but we were able to charge a controller from flat to full in around 90 minutes. LED lights on the stand indicate charging status: red for charging, changing to blue when they're ready to go.

The stand itself is a little bulky — it certainly won't enhance the aesthetic appeal of your console — but certainly does the job: it kept the Wii upright and the controllers charged, with the contacts proving more reliable than some we've used in the past. As with charging your time your experience with battery life may vary, but we certainly had no problem ploughing several hours into Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City and Monster Hunter 3 (~Tri) before we needed to charge. The advantage of a mains charger over USB is clear too: you can charge your controllers without needing to have the Wii powered on, and can drop your Remote in to charge after each session if you're a "little and often" kind of person.

Overall this is a solid option if you're after convenience and speed from a charger:

White Room Gaming provided a Duracell Wii Charging Stand for review.