Yesterday's rumour that Nintendo would show off Wii U at CES in January has turned exactly as expected: it just ain't so.

1UP has a statement from Nintendo that confirms the publisher's showing is behind closed doors, with nothing new to reveal over and above what we learnt at E3:

Nintendo of America, working with the 2012 International CES management, will offer demos of the upcoming Wii U console to members of the media who did not see the system at the 2011 E3 Expo. However, Nintendo will not have a booth at CES, nor does it plan to include any games, experiences or information beyond what was available at the 2011 E3 Expo. Production and development efforts remain on track for the Wii U launch, which will take place between the start of the 2012 E3 Expo in June, and the end of 2012.

As you were, folks.