Just Dance 3 is about to get a whole lot more plumber-y, as Nintendo UK has announced a Mario song is on the way next week.

From 14th December you'll be able to download The Mario Song for 250 Nintendo Points, a medley of classics beats and tracks from Mario games past. An on-screen Mario jives to the beat, and the dance marks all wear Mario hats too. It's a collaboration made in heaven.

It's not the first time Mario's appeared in a dancing game of course — remember Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix? — but with Just Dance 3 currently selling gangbusters this should put Mario in a lot more homes this Christmas.

Just Dance to the Super Mario beat!

Ubisoft's Just Dance series has millions of Wii owners getting together and strutting their stuff to all sorts of contemporary tunes - but players of Just Dance 3 will soon have the chance to get into a whole different kind of choreography!

From 14th December, Mario will put the Just Dance 3 dancefloor on fire with a new downloadable "Mario" song, available in the Just Dance Store, exclusively on Wii.

Ubisoft meets Nintendo in this one-of-a-kind collaboration; as the most popular dance game in the world and our beloved plumber get together, get ready to move your body like they do in the Mushroom Kingdom and enjoy Mario's crazy choreography!

Just Dance 3 is in shops now for Wii. The "Mario" song can be downloaded from 14th December from the in-game Just Dance Store for 250 Wii Points.

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