Made for art

THQ's art tablet uDraw was a big hit on Wii, but once Nintendo unveiled the Wii U controller it started to lose a little of its sheen. The publisher isn't about to let Nintendo run away with the art market though, revealing to Eurogamer its plans to keep the brand going.

THQ's global VP for uDraw Andy Hodgson said:

We have some amazing brands and software built for uDraw. Some of those we'll be able to continue to support on uDraw and in addition add to Wii U that will add extra functionality, tailor-made for Wii U. So it's possible for them to co-exist together.

The company's not about to totally jump ship across to Wii U though, a smart move considering Nintendo's controller arguably fulfils the same purpose as THQ's custom-built drawing pad. When asked if Wii U spells the end for uDraw, Hodgson said:

No, because Wii will remain our focus... We see Wii U as yet another audience we're able to look at. I guess it'll come down to product life-cycles as to how long we support Wii for.

To make this genre really interesting, Nintendo, announce Art Academy Wii U at your earliest convenience.