Next stop: warping to 6th January

Traditionally January isn't the best month for new game releases, but Nintendo of Europe is bucking that trend by releasing Boom Street — known as Fortune Street in North America — on 6th January.

The party game will miss the lucrative Christmas and New Year party season but Nintendo is still hoping its cast of characters from the worlds of Super Mario and Dragon Quest and online multiplayer will win over the family market.

North America, you get the game a month early: it's yours to buy from 5th December.


Increase your net worth, deal in property and out-trade your friends from the comfort of your living room when Boom Street for Wii is released on 6th January

15th November 2011 – Be the financial master of your friends and family when the family-friendly interactive board game Boom Street™ comes to Wii™ on 6th January. Boom Street asks you to navigate one of several different themed boards, purchasing property as you go while charging opponents for landing on them.

The aim of Boom Street is to get rich quicker than your opponents through a mixture of property acquisition and property investment. Challenge up to three friends at home on the same Wii Remote or play against people from across the world over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to see who can increase their net worth the quickest. You can even utilise an in-game stock market element to purchase shares and earn dividends for extra wealth.

As you move around the board you will be able to buy shops to build a property portfolio along with collecting suits that can be cashed in at the bank to earn more money to invest. There are numerous ways to play, ranging from beginner settings to help newcomers learn the basics, to Standard Mode which offers deeper strategic options including the ability to manipulate the stock market.

Each of the boards are themed on favourite Mario and Dragon Quest locations, with fan-favourites such as Starship Mario from Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) and Alltrades Abbey from Dragon Quest both making an appearance. You can play as your own Mii™ character or also choose to play as one of over 20 playable characters from the Mario and Dragon Quest franchises, including Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Yoshi, Slime, Platypunk and Stella.

If you’re a financial whizz or mad with your money there‘s fun to be had and money to be made on Boom Street, only on Wii from 6th January. Time is money, so what are you waiting for?