Nintendo has revealed a new piece of downloadable 3DS software for Japan — swordfighting game Samurai Hirari Sakura, or Nimble Sakura Warrior, roughly translated.

The download, due for release in Japan next week for 700 Yen, puts you in the shoes of a passionate swordfighting student who must prove his skill. At first you'll take on single opponents who easily telegraph their moves, letting you sidestep and counter-attack, but later you'll need to use special moves to take down multiple enemies and giant bosses.

As well as the standard story mode it has survival and time attack modes, there's also a neat use of the 3DS's pedometer. To take a break from the action you can head into a traditional Japanese garden with a cherry blossom tree; the more steps you take with your 3DS, the more blossom on the tree.

You can check out some videos at the Samurai Hirari Sakura website.

No word on a Western release yet, but we'll keep you updated.