Hold onto your hats: Nintendo is investigating bringing Mario Kart to Wii U.

Series producer Hideki Konno spoke to Nintendo Power recently about the potential for the flagship multiplayer racer to come to Nintendo's next home console, saying:

I can't get into specifics, but I do want to create a new and enjoyable Mario Kart that uses the unique functions of the Wii U. Anything beyond that I have to keep secret. Please bear with me for now.

How a living room Mario Kart title would work if only one player had the Wii U's new controller is one of the hurdles Nintendo will have to leap to convince everyone that Wii U is the next thing in gaming, though with Nintendo working on two controller support this could be considerably easier.

We're now taking bets on Mario Kart Wii U being revealed at E3 2012. Good odds.

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