Will we see this in the West? Who knows?

Despite rumours to the contrary, Monster Hunter 3 G is still not confirmed for release outside of Japan. Does that mean it will never leave the Land of the Rising Sun though? Capcom fielded that exact question during a recent investor Q&A call, and although the answer isn't the life-changing announcement some might hope for it's at least confirmation Capcom is mulling over a Western release:

Q What are your overseas plans for “Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G”?
A Our stance for the overseas distribution of this title is the same as for the entire “Monster Hunter” series. We are selling the preceding title “Monster Hunter Tri” overseas so we will consider launching this title overseas, too. But no decision has been reached yet.

Good to see Capcom sticking to the tried-and-true "we have nothing to announce at this time" line.

[source capcom.co.jp]