Still tweaking

At the recent financial briefing, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata discussed plenty of interesting new ideas to evolve the company's online strategy, revealing some big initiatives.

Extra downloadable content for games will be available to game developers after the late November system update, letting studios and publishers update their releases with additional packs of content. Iwata notes that a number of software creators are anticipating this update, suggesting we may see DLC play a strong role in the future.

Demos were discussed too, with Iwata revealing plan to limit the number of times a trial can be played before it expires.

You'll also be able to download content while your 3DS is in sleep mode, with Iwata saying:

[This] will lessen the need for the users to patiently wait by while downloading several software titles at once or while downloading software with a large memory capacity.

At the moment it's only possible to download one item at a time: perhaps the eShop will also be updated to include multiple download support.

The last announced upgrade to the eShop won't be available in the next system update, but Iwata revealed that Nintendo plans to release a web version of the eShop for users to browse via computer or smartphone, ultimately allowing users to buy 3DS software from their phone or computer.

How does these new planned upgrades sound to you? Are they enough for Nintendo to show you it fully grasps digital content, or is the company missing something big? Let us know in the comments below.