Today's the day — 10 free NES games are now available to 3DS Ambassadors in North America, Europe, Australia and Japan, but what else is there to choose from today in Europe? Well, not a lot as it happens.

Aside from the Ambassador games there's just one new title out in Europe today. Read on and see what it is.


1950s Lawn Mower Kids (Zordix, 500pts) — The second game from Zordix and probably the only idea that could outdo its previous effort Valet Parking 1989, this sees you — predictably — mowing lawns in the 1950s. We'll take it for a ride and bring you a review soon.

3DS Ambassador Games

In case you needed reminding which games are available for early 3DS adopters, here's the list below:

Here's how to get these games:

1 — Enter the eShop from the 3DS Home Menu. It's the icon with the bag on it.

2 — Scroll to the far left and select "Settings / Other".

3 — Scroll down and select "Your Downloads"

4 — The games will appear here once ready for download, alongside software you've already downloaded. You don't need to download these again, just the NES games.

4a — You may need to scroll right down the page and click "Next" if the NES games don't appear on your first page.

5 — Select the NES game you want to download, select Redownload.

6 — Select Download. Your NES game should now begin downloading!

Let us know what you're enjoying most on your 3DS today.