The Nintendo Annual Report Wii sales figures were impressive, weren't they? 86m Wii consoles sold with over 716m games sold as well. The DS sales figures dwarf those big numbers, though.

Worldwide, the DS family of consoles — that's DS, DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL/LL of course — has shifted a massive 146.42m units. An estimated 93.42m of those are the DS Lite model; in fact, between April and June Nintendo sold twice as many DS Lite consoles as 3DS machines in North America. Makes you think.

What about those little cartridges that fit into the machine, though? Nintendo estimated 839.48m units of software have been sold alongside the consoles, another colossal number, with New Super Mario Bros. the top-selling game with an enormous 26.88m copies shifted all around the world, just ahead of Nintendogs's 23.64m sales and Mario Kart DS's 21.04m units.

Interestingly, while six Wii titles have sold over 20m units, only three DS games have reached the same milestone, despite the much greater number of DS consoles sold. The ratio of software-to-hardware is also much lower than Wii: while Wii owners bought an average of around 8.3 games each, DS players bought 5.7 titles to entertain them. Is this due to the huge prevalence of piracy devices that plagued the DS? Let us know your thoughts below.