How do you temporarily halt sales of the 3DS? In Japan's case at least, an announcement of a price cut that will come into effect the following month will do it.

According to Media Create and as reported by Andriasang, the 3DS sold about 16,415 units during the week that ran from 25th to 31st July in Japan. This was roughly half the amount of 3DS consoles that were sold the previous week (31,826) where it was the top-seller in the hardware chart.

This significant drop meant the 3DS was the fourth best-selling hardware of the week, falling behind the Wii which managed 18,232 units sold and the PlayStation 3 with 20,704. At the top of the pile was the PlayStation Portable which sold 36,659 units.

Nintendo's 3DS price drop announcement came on the 28th July, straight in the middle of Media Create's data collection week which correlates with the 50 percent drop in hardware sales. With the new and lower price tag starting from 11th August in Japan, we think it's safe to say that 3DS hardware sales will remain lower than usual for the next week or so.