The Wii is dead, long live the Wii!

Earlier today Nintendo announced that a new Wii design would be available before Christmas in the UK and Europe. Part of the redesign was to lose GameCube support including both the backwards compatibility to play GameCube games and use of the GameCube controllers for Wii titles.

Nintendo has now confirmed to Eurogamer that this means the end for the current model, as it will be discontinued and GameCube support banished into history.

The Wii hardware hasn't changed significantly since its release in 2006 whereas both Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3 have both had slimmer re-designs during their lifespan. We believe this update is to improve the efficiency and crucially the cost of production for Wii as it enters its twilight years.

The lack of GameCube support will likely go unnoticed by the majority of Wii buyers, however we're sure that our Nintendo Life community still make full use of their GameCube and Wavebird controllers, right?

Nintendo has already announced that Wii U, the follow-up console to Wii, will lack Gamecube support, but is everyone ready to wave goodbye to their Wavebird?