79,999 left to find.

Square Enix dungeon crawler Heroes of Ruin isn't going to disappoint those who love to loot: the game's producer Tim Schwalk has told Siliconera there are over 80,000 weapons available.

The game offers four classes — Gunslinger, Vindicator, Alchitect and Savage — each with over 20,000 weapons to equip, with a Borderlands-style weapon randomiser to keep things fresh.

With all those weapons you'd expect a huge amount of menu-navigating to slow things down, but if you find something on the floor that you want to equip simply walk over it and press Up on the D-Pad.

Completionists and Borderlands veterans will recognise the improbability of seeing all those weapons, but the game's StreetPass mode should bring that dream closer to reality: when you StreetPass someone, any weapons they've unlocked that you haven't are added to a special shop. You'll still need to muster the funds to pick them up though, of course.

Heroes of Ruin is due for release next year.

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