The decision to allow one permanent save file in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D — for better or worse — continues to attract attention, with North American rental company GameFly choosing not to offer the game to its subscribers.

No statement was given, but the game's page simply says:

Not Rentable
NOTE: This game is not rentable due to game save restrictions on the cartridge.

GameFly's not the only rental company choosing not to stock it: LoveFilm is also only offering the game for sale, not for rental.

Some retailers are refusing to trade the game in too: HMV will not be trading it in, but rival retailer Gamestation will. However, the company has told employees that "the game's trade-in value will reflect" the save game situation.

Is this all a storm in a teacup? Would you have rented the game anyway or would you rather buy to own?