Footage of upcoming third-party Wii U titles shown at E3 may have consisted of content from PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games, but that doesn't necessarily mean the end products won't be able to look as good.

Developed by Vigil, Darksiders II is up and running on Wii U and has been for about five weeks. THQ Core Games EVP Danny Bilson spoke to Eurogamer and revealed that the action adventure game could have been shown off at the expo in greater detail but Nintendo decided against having games at the booths.

Although a complete rundown of Wii U's specs has yet to be released by Nintendo, making direct comparisons with other consoles difficult, Bilson is sure that the Wii U version will "absolutely" look as good as the PS3/360 versions despite having a few creases that still need ironing out:

We have Darksiders II completely running on the Wii U right now... The Darksiders team was one of the first teams to get dev kits. We've had dedicated engineers on it working seven day weeks leading up to the show... We now have it running with the controller. So we could have shown it...

THQ is planning to release Darksiders II in 2012.