Disappointingly, this game is called Cone Zone, not Coney Island.

The MotionPlus-enhanced Wii Remote Plus has plenty of potential uses: as a sword in Red Steel 2 or Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, or any number of sporting implements in Wii Sports Resort, but it's about to get a real workout in Wii Play Motion.

Nintendo has published the first screenshots, available below, that reveal a little more about how the controller will be used: stacking a giant ice cream cone, whacking Miis with hammers, reeling in treasure, fanning balloons and more, but potentially one of the more addictive games sees the controller become a stone to skim across a calm lake. If the control scheme works, this could be the next Frisbee Golf.

Check out the Wii Play Motion screenshots and in preparation for the game's release next month.