There's only one game headline-worthy this week: the long-awaited return of Master Higgins on Virtual Console, with two titles for DSiWare and a blank on WiiWare. Here's the line-up:

Virtual Console

Super Adventure Island (Super NES, 800pts) — Unofficial Hudson mascot Mr Higgins returns in the first Super NES entry in the Adventure Island series, skateboarding and axe-throwing his way through another danger-packed adventure. Look out for our review coming soon.


Remote Racers (QubicGames, 500pts) — Sadly this game couldn't live up to QubicGames' other output, the very enjoyable AiRace and AiRace Tunnel. Read through our Remote Racers review to see where it stalls.

Successfully Learning English — Year 4 (Tivola, 500pts) — Our English gud. We review game in next week. You read review. Everybody all be happy.


Get the rundown on the latest Nintendo DSiWare and Virtual Console available for download this Friday!

9th May 2011: Are you ready to take on Master Higgins’ greatest adventure yet? In Super Adventure Island on Virtual Console this week, Master Higgins must rescue Jeanie Jungle by venturing into the mysterious Dark Cloak’s castle at the foot of Ice Mountain.

Get set for fast paced, petrol fueled fun when Remote Racers comes to Nintendo DSiWare this week as you race in a choice of eight vehicles across a number of wild terrains. If you need help to get your tongue around those tricky words, Freddie the helpful little vampire friend is ready to lend a hand in Successfully Learning: English Year 2, also on Nintendo DSiWare.

Virtual Console – Super Adventure Island
(HUDSON SOFT, 800 Wii Points)
Master Higgins is back for more axe-chucking, skateboard-riding adventures. Adventure Island is a mysterious and beautiful land that has many hidden dangers. As hero of the island, Master Higgins protects its inhabitants from many deadly creatures. He has restored peace to the uncharted island on many occasions.

But something terrible has happened. While Master Higgins and Jeanie Jungle were stargazing, a dangerous entity known only as Dark Cloak turned Jeanie to stone. Master Higgins must venture towards Dark Cloak’s castle at the foot of Ice Mountain to rescue her.

Nintendo DSiWare – Remote Racers
(QubicGames , 500 Nintendo DSi Points)
Get ready to burn rubber in Remote Racers. Select one of eight vehicles; Speeder, Monster, Candy, Dozer, Tank, Stunt, Mantis or Rocket as you race against time or challenge the AI around 15 different tracks.

Jump in the garden, drift through the cellar, ride on the beach or dive in the ocean while using power-ups and transforming your vehicle to gain advantage over your opponents. There are over 30 challenges to complete in eight championships, so start your engines and have some fun!

Nintendo DSiWare – Successfully Learning, English Year 4
(Tivola, 500 Nintendo DSi Points)
In Successfully Learning: English Year 4, your task is to complete a range of exciting exercises which will help you to learn English in a playful way. Along the way you’ll be aided by a little vampire friend, Freddy, who will motivate you and offer helpful tips and advice.