The imposing Herocart (Mark II)

Continuing our exclusive look at upcoming WiiWare physics-racer MotoHeroz from Trials HD developer RedLynx, we have a look at the cars you'll be racing around in when the game launches on WiiWare this summer.

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The Arachnocar.


The Vehicles of MotoHeroz

MotoHeroz features fourteen different vehicles, all of which are available for use in the Party Rally, the two-to-four player local multiplayer game mode.

However they are not all available right away — in order to unlock new vehicles for multiplayer, you must purchase them from the Garage. Your purchases can be made using Coins you have gathered on the maps during the single player Story Adventure mode.

Some of the vehicles are tied to the main characters, such as Gene McQuick's Herocart Mark I or Spider O'Rally's Arachnocar.

Others buggies are driven by some of the game's more curious characters, such as Ice Monkeys or the Loonies, who pilot the dubious "Unidentified Driving Objects." There's even one vehicle driven by a Blowfish, which resembles an aquarium on wheels.

The cutesy Booboo Buggy.


Each of the fourteen different vehicles sports its own unique 3D model, and each vehicle also plays quite differently. Because MotoHeroz is using a real physics model, the different car models means each vehicle handles and plays differently too.

Each vehicle is rated for Horsepower, Weight and Grip on a five star scale, giving them unique handling characteristics and a different feel when driven.

Smaller, lighter cars move more quickly and are more nimble, but can also more easily be pushed around. Heavy cars can be a bit slower and miss some of the tighter squeezes, but they are also solid on the driving line. Many of the vehicles are medium sized, providing a good balance between the two extremes.

A very Sloppy Jalopy.


Of course, none of this is to say the vehicles are too radically different from each other — a lot of effort has gone into making them balanced, and a player's skill is almost always going to be the deciding factor in who wins the most races over time.

Look for MotoHeroz to release in late June / early July.

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