Fare thee well, DS

So 3DS is out in places other than Japan now, hooray!

But just because its successor is stealing the spotlight, that doesn't mean the DS is content with resting on its two-dimensional laurels. Why, it's not even April yet and it's already seen at least five fantastic games this year with some fantastic music to go along with them. In this episode, we celebrate those end-of-life gems.

And while it didn't make it into the show, play Monster Tale. We'll bring out the review and an interview later, but for now just take our word for it. It's mad rad.

These games aren't called Monster Tale but they're in your ears this week:

1. Junichi Masuda — Vs. Legendary Pokemon (Pokemon Black/White)
2. Masakazu Sugimori — Dashing Enigma (Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective)
3. Rei Kondoh — Shinshuu Plains (Okamiden)
4. Composed and arranged by Koichi Sugiyama — Brave Fight Symphonic Suite (Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation)
5. Yoko Shimomura — Blue Radiance (Radiant Historia)

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In case you've missed out on the fun so far, NLFM generally focuses on music from games playable on Nintendo consoles and handhelds, which, thanks to the Virtual Console, also includes the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and Master System, Turbografx-16, Neo Geo and Commodore 64. It's not all games either as we highlight musicians and albums we really like, as well as your own original gaming compositions.

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