Press Start to love

Ho ho ho! Happy Valentine's Day, citizens of Earth!

Let Nintendo Life be your love muffin this year with a very special NLFM dedicated to all things lovey-dovey-goo-goo. If the music of this episode doesn't melt your ice-cold heart even a little then we'll only be hurt just a tad.

1. Shōgo Sakai — Theme of Love (Mother 3, GBA)
2. Sam Hart — Mario Kart Love Song [iTunes]
3. Parry Gripp — The Girl at the Video Game Store
4. Kazunaka Yamane — Ending (Reunion with Marian) (Double Dragon, Arcade)
5. Danny Wiessner — 2-Player Co-Op (Player 2 Press Start) [iTunes]

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In case you've missed out on the fun so far, NLFM generally focuses on music from games playable on Nintendo consoles and handhelds, which, thanks to the Virtual Console, also includes the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and Master System, Turbografx-16, Neo Geo and Commodore 64. It's not all games either as we highlight musicians and albums we really like, as well as your own original gaming compositions.

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