You've played Cave Story on WiiWare and may even have dabbled in a spot of Cave Story on DSiWare, but if you haven't yet had your fill of Pixel and Nicalis's side-scrolling action platformer you'll be excited to hear the game is on its way to 3DS with brand new content.

GamesRadar sat down with creator Daisuke Amaya (aka Pixel) and Tyrone Rodriguez of Nicalis to find out more, with the most burning question obviously being "what will be different?". Pixel explains:

The difference between the original Cave Story and Cave Story 3D is going to be the environments are going to be in full 3D, but we will keep the original style of the game, which is a 2D scrolling action game.

Pixel is also promising brand new content, Easter eggs and remastered music for the title, which will be available in boxed form for the first time.

As for a possible follow-up, Pixel notes it's been ten years since the original release of Cave Story, and acknowledges it may be time for a successor:

There’s a very, very good chance we’ll see a sequel.