Will you crack under the pressure?

In 2010 we enjoyed the innovative DSiWare puzzler DodoGo! and its sequel DodoGo! Challenge, which tasked players with guiding the last remaining dodo eggs to safety. Well, it appears that the titular bird still isn't quite extinct as the third instalment, DodoGo! Robo, has just been rated by the ESRB. From the ratings summary:

This is a puzzle game in which players guide animated eggs through maze-like levels to the safety of their nests. Players collect target icons as they navigate around obstacles and use springs to bounce over small gaps.

So, we still don't know exactly how the robo aspect fits into the mix, but keep checking back at Nintendo Life as we'll let you know when we do. What do you hope to see from this upcoming eggy outing?

[source esrb.org]