Nintendo's financial results are always a treasure trove of information – it's how we found out about Pandora's Tower and Kirby on Wii, for example – but while you may come for the announcements, you'll stay for President Iwata's opinions on the period gone by.

Looking back at last Christmas, Iwata highlighted one title as being the most important game released on Wii during the holiday period. Considering heavyweight platformer Donkey Kong Country Returns and family-friendly Wii Party both launched you'd expect Nintendo's first party titles to receive the praise, but Iwata singles out Ubisoft's Just Dance 2 for its superlative performance.

The Wii software which I feel played the most important role in the last year-end sales season was not a title published by Nintendo. Here is Ubisoft's "JUST DANCE" series which I introduced at the Financial Result Briefing last May. This is software where users dance in front of the TV while holding a Wii Remote.

When you put it like that, it's no surprise the game has topped 2 million sales in just three months.

Ubisoft, Nintendo's President doffs his hat – and potentially even shakes his booty – to your hard work.