Europe hasn't even had a chance to tangle with Kirby's Epic Yarn yet, and already Nintendo of Japan has revealed the second proper Wii outing for the pink puffball in a new video on its Japanese website.

Developed by HAL Laboratories, the game looks like a more traditional Kirby adventure than its string-based predecessor, with Kirby sucking up enemies, stealing powers and smacking Waddle Dees around with swords.

The video itself is fantastic and worth a watch, but the page's Google translation makes us even more excited:

For this story turns into Kirby's new smoking vomiting stationary game machines, Imashi to keep you waiting very long or. For the [Wii] Kirby's new product has been developed by a team of Hull Institute. Please see the movie as well.
[Kirby] also this latest film is scheduled for release this year.

Kirby's new smoking vomiting stationary game machines? Now that is a game we'd love to see on shop shelves.

Due for release later this year, make sure you watch the new Kirby game video on Nintendo's Japanese site.