It's a stitch up

It's nearly Christmas, and if you've been hoarding your Club Nintendo coins all year-long you might fancy a festive spending spree now, with new items available including patches from Kirby's Epic Yarn and four colourful Wii Remote wrist straps.

There are two sets of patches inspired by the pink ball's latest outing, one showing Kirby in his saucer and off-road transformations and the other containing Kirby and compatriot Prince Fluff. Don't worry if you can't sew either, as every patch has "Peel-N-Stick" backing meaning you can slap them on an item any old how and they'll grip like a vice.

The patches will set you back 350 Coins per set, with the wrist straps a little more at 450 Coins.

The popular tote and carry bags have also been restocked, so act quickly if you want to grab one of those as they sold out pretty quickly last time around.