Do enough games feature undead ninjas? We say, "no"

Spanish publisher Abylight is taking a break from its Music On series of melodic outings to bring something altogether different to DSiWare: Dairojo! Samurai Defenders, a tower defence title developed by Japanese firm Kawamoto Industrial.

Featuring a Far East slant on the familiar tower defence genre, the game sees players defending one of six Japanese castles against armies advancing via land, air and even underground tunnels. Would-be survivors will need to place archers, cannons, generals and other units smartly if they want to emerge victorious.

The game will also feature Download Play, allowing two DS owners to face off against each other in a bid to settle the age-old argument, "who's the best castle defender?"

Released on Monday for 800 Points, we'll of course have a full review for you shortly after release.