The clairvoyants among you probably saw this announcement coming

My Starry Night has already educated WiiWare owners about the wonders of astronomy, but Shanblue's upcoming Magic Destiny wants to teach you about the very different celestial practice of astrology.

There'll of course be the obligatory minigames, as well as a glossary for those who don't know their tarot from their biorhythms from their Bach flower remedies, the ultimate aim being to teach players how to predict the future and ascertain elements of their friend's personalities.

Here's the press release below. For a related Christmas project, consider printing it out, cutting into pieces and using to discern whether you'll meet a tall, dark handsome stranger next week.

Magic Destiny – Astrological games – the Spanish videogame which brings the magic of the stars to WiiWare.

Shanblue Interactive presents Magic Destiny – Astrological games, the first of the two video games it is currently developing for Nintendo’s WiiWare.

Magic Destiny is a highly entertaining video game for all ages with a strong educational focus.

The game will teach you a whole range of astrological techniques to predict the future and discover aspects of your personality or that of your friends.

Why is astrology perfect for Wii? “Astrology is an enthralling subject which never goes out of fashion. Every country has its own astrological culture. Horoscopes, tarot cards, palm-reading and seashell divination are just a few examples of the exciting techniques in use. The idea of Magic Destiny was to make this magical world accessible to all and the Wii and its open-minded following are the perfect way to reach a large audience” says Francisco Mollá, the project’s leader.

“Magic Destiny is not only an educational experience thanks to the information we have compiled about the different techniques but is also great fun thanks to the wide variety of games and arts of divination we have included”.

Magic Destiny’s main features are:

  • Vast encyclopedia with sections on chakras, biorhythms, Bach flower remedies, etc.…
  • Bewitching games, such as Runeblock, Diamonds Link and Stellar Memory, will get you hooked.
  • Magical divination arts, such as tarot cards, numerology and palmistry.

Its European release date is December, 31st 2010 and coming soon in America.