Another complete gameplay change!

This week's download arrives with four new titles and one more demo available to download. There's no Virtual Console game, but with one practically confirmed for next week and another confirmed for the week after, there's not too much reason to complain. This week you can get...


BIT.TRIP FATE (Aksys Games, 800pts) – The fifth BIT.TRIP game, this one mixes things up once again and is somewhat like a shoot 'em up. As you may have expected, it does not disappoint, so you can go right ahead and plop down 800 more points if you liked the rest of the games in the series. Read our BIT.TRIP FATE review for an in-depth look. FATE is also accompanied by...

WiiWare demos

BIT.TRIP FATE (Aksys Games) – If our review somehow doesn't cut it for you, then you can also download a demo and try out a little bit of the game to make up your mind.


GO Series: Ivy the kiwi? Mini (Gamebridge, 500 Points) — A surprising entry in the GO Series, this is basically a cut-down version of the DS retail game Ivy the Kiwi? which, to be honest, is not really missing that much. Read our Ivy the Kiwi? Mini review to find out more.

Nintendo Countdown Calendar (Nintendo, 200 Points) — Another practically pointless calendar application, this one is not based on any particular theme as such is even blander than the last few. Our Nintendo Countdown Calendar review will give you the lowdown.

Supermarket Mania (G5 Entertainment, 500 Points) — Seemingly not unlike Diner Dash, in this game you have to manage your own grocery store, stocking the shelves and keeping the store clean in order to keep customers satisfied. It's the only truly new game this week, so we'll have a review soon.

Anything that catches your interest this week?