3DS = 3rd Down, Shotgun...

E3 2010 gave us a laundry list of third-party titles that are in development for the Nintendo 3DS and since then, we've been steadily learning more about them. We've not seen much of sports games yet but EA is changing all that.

The publisher has announced that its upcoming Madden NFL Football game will be getting its retail release in the first half of 2011 which should make the launch of the 3DS. Developed by EA North Carolina, the game will feature all 32 teams and their stadiums in the NFL, as well as 3D specific cameras to make the game's presentation more suited to the 3DS's effects.

Madden NFL Football will offer a comprehensive handheld experience with exciting modes, such as authentic 11-on-11 football, fast-paced 5-on-5 action and Season Mode. Additional features jump off the screen with 3D graphics, such as “Spotlight Moments” and “Call Your Shots”. Utilizing the remarkable power of the Nintendo 3DS Touch Screen, “Call Your Shots” allows users to draw their own plays, on-the-fly, directly on the screen.

With three types of play calling—GameFlow, Classic, and Arcade—Madden NFL Football provides an enjoyable experience for gamers of all skill levels. GameFlow automatically selects the best play for the situation based on real NFL team gameplans; streamlining play calling and shortening overall game length for a more accessible experience. Classic play call allows users to experience the full depth of selecting formations and individual plays, while Arcade play call simplifies options through a more concentrated playbook.

We'll bring you more information on this as we get it.